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Editor-in-Chief: Richard Thomas (richardgamut@gmail.com)
Fiction Editors: Casey Frechette (caseygamut@gmail.com),
Dino Parenti (dinogamut@gmail.com), and
Mercedes M. Yardley (mercedesgamut@gmail.com)
Poetry Editors: Heather Foster (heathergamut@gmail.com) and
Whittney Jones (whittneygamut@gmail.com)
Non-Fiction Editor: Hillary Dodge (hillarygamut@gmail.com)
International Film Series Director: Fred Venturini (fredgamut@gmail.com)
Social Media & Email Marketing Specialist: Kya Shore (kyagamut@gmail.com)
Newsletter Editor: Mackenzie Kiera (mackenziegamut@gmail.com)
Columnists: Max Booth III, Diddle Knabb, and Keith Rawson
Staff Illustrator: Luke Spooner
Guest Illustrators: George C. Cotronis and Daniele Serra
Website: Bob Crum
Ebook Layout and Design: Lori Michelle


Gamut is an online magazine of neo-noir, speculative fiction with a literary bent. I want to support the voices that aren't getting enough recognition, and pay a great rate (at ten cents a word we are twice the going professional rate). I want to surround myself with talented authors and artists that inspire me. We need more markets like this, publishing edgy fiction that straddles the line between genre and literary fiction, and based on the four anthologies I've edited, the books I've published at Dark House Press, and my own writing—I feel like we're in a golden age of dark fiction, and there is a demand for it.

Genres and Guidelines

Gamut will include mostly fiction (some original, some reprints) but also columns, non-fiction, art, flash fiction, poetry, and maybe even a serial memoir or novella. I have a word count per month in mind, based on my budget, and I’m looking to release new content several times a week—ideally, every day. We are looking for fantasy, science fiction, horror, neo-noir, crime, mystery, thrillers, magical realism, transgressive, Southern gothic, weird, bizarro—all with a literary bent.

Our word range is about 500-5,000 with the sweet spot being 3,000. We will pay ten cents a word for original fiction and three cents a word for reprints (which cannot be online anywhere). Formatting should be Times New Roman (or similar font), 12 point, single-spaced, one-inch margins, and for the web (hard returns between paragraphs, no indentations), with all of your contact information removed (we read blind). You may put your bio and personal information on the cover letter, which we will not read until after the story has been accepted or rejected. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, just let us know immediately if your story is accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions within the same category (such as original fiction) are not (outside of poetry) allowed. For poetry, it's up to five poems, all in the same document, please. You may submit one piece in each category at the same time (fiction, flash, poetry and non-fiction—up to eight submissions total, if you include originals and reprints).

Anything done with innovation, heart and emotion—that's what I want. Everything I enjoy reading and writing typically leans toward the dark side, tragic, but I have been known to embrace lighter work, and humor, now and then. It just has to MOVE me. Check out The New Black, Exigencies, Burnt Tongues, and The Lineup: 20 Provocative Women Writers as well as the rest of the Dark House Press titles for more information on my aesthetic. Head over to our Submittable page for more information.


Whatever your sex, race, orientation, religion, country of origin, current location, age, experience, etc.—send us your work, we want to read it. It’s important to us not only to get a wide variety of perspectives and cultures, but also to discover new and emerging voices as well.

Kickstarter / solicited work

To date, here are the authors that have given me a verbal commitment to publish original and/or reprint fiction at Gamut:

Stephen Graham Jones, Laird Barron, Brian Evenson, Usman T. Malik, Matt Bell, Damien Angelica Walters, Letitia Trent, Mercedes M. Yardley, Alyssa Wong, Benjamin Percy, Lindsay Hunter, Axel Taiari, Amanda Gowin, Laura Benedict, Nathan Ballingrud, Dino Parenti, Ted E. Grau, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Sarah Read, Paula Bomer, Kelly Luce, Livia Llewelyn, Josh Malerman, Carmen Machado, Peter Tieryas, Kevin Catalano, Paul Tremblay, John Langan, Nina McConigley, Nik Korpon, Craig Wallwork, Steve Himmer, Antonia Crane, Steve Rasnic Tem, Kristi DeMeester, Tara Ison, David James Keaton, Cassandra Khaw, Nikki Guerlain, Lucy A. Snyder, JS Breukelaar, Helen Marshall, Amelia Gray, H. L. Nelson, Craig Davidson, Jacklyn Dre Marceau, and Lincoln Michel.

Poets will include:

Jeffrey Skinner, Judy Jordan, Cate Marvin, Kaveh Akbar, Paul Guest, Blas Falconer, Carrie Jerrell, Gary Jackson, Erica Dawson, Laura Van Prooyen, Simone Muench, Charles Jensen, Ace Boggess, and Jeannine Hall Gailey.


We launched on January 1, 2017. We will publish every week, with new fiction on Mondays, columns and non-fiction on Tuesdays, reprints on Thursdays, serialized work in our Saturday Night Special section, and poetry on Sundays. The eBooks will be emailed out at some point in the month as well, usually on the first of each month. In time we hope to have new content up every day.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Richard Thomas
Gamut Magazine
PO Box 964
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